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Courtney and Taylor are two best friends and former Tokyoites who have a lot to say about the Japanese reality show Terrace House. Join them every other week as they make their way in the big city and yell a lot about butts. New episodes every other Sunday.

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Taylor grew up in Silicon Valley but learned how to be a grown up in Tokyo and still hasn't quite remembered how America works yet. She likes books and video games and increasing her student debt by collecting degrees like they're Pokemon cards. Her goal is to someday be paid to talk about shojo manga and her dream job is the lead singer of a Sad Girl Indie Rock Band. She lives in California.


Courtney is a friendly go-getter who tries to challenge herself in interesting ways, which is one of the reasons why she went to school in Tokyo. After growing up in Alaska, she developed a love of not only fishing but eating fish in general. Naturally, conveyor-belt sushi is one of her favorites after yakiniku. She lives with her overly talkative cat in South Carolina.



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