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ANNOUNCEMENT: Eine Kleine Housekeeping

A rectangle of light slices through the darkness as a door opens. Taylor, resting upon a rock at the center of the terrarium, blinks blearily at the intrusion.

"It's time," the visitor says, though she can't make out their face.

She hisses and skitters into the shadows.

"It must be you. You're the one with the libsyn password."

The creature backs up until she feels the cool press of the glass. In this perfectly smooth cage, there is nowhere to hide.

"Come on, we have two quick announcements to share with the listeners. It'll take like five minutes. It was your idea. Stop being dramatic."

With a sigh, the stranger places a single microphone upon the rock. "Also, stop calling your studio apartment a terrarium, it was kind of funny the first time? But then you kept making the same joke over and over and over again. Just... let me know when you get it done, okay?"

The door closes, the darkness returns. Blinking her third eyelid, Taylor plugs in the mic.